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Asterix the Gallic


Asterix appeared in Pilote magazine for the first time in 1961. The first album "Asterix the Gallic" appeared the same year. Consequently Asterix have had an increasing success and became a best-seller of comics translated in 28 languages and known everywhere throughout the world.

A Little history...

Village gaulois
© Editions Albert René

In 50 before Jesus-Christ, the Gallics are overcome by the Roman troops after a long fight. The Gallic head, Vercingétorix, has capitulated and has given his weapons to Ceasar.
All the Gaule is occupied. All? Not! Because a small village in Armorique still and always stands out against the Roman invader. This village is surrounded by Roman fortified camps: Aquarium, Babaorum, Laudanum and Petibonum. These valiant warriors, such Asterix, are strong thanks to a magic potion prepared by druide Panoramix and this recipe is secret (all that we know is there are mistletoe and lobster.)


The French names are between brackets.

© Editions Albert René
Asterix : Small Gallic warrior wise and witty, Asterix is the hero of these adventures. With his best friend Obelix, he travels throughout the world (Germany, Hispany, Brittany, Valley of Gange, etc...) to bring the missions entrusted to him, to a successful conclusion.
© Editions Albert René
Obelix : Inseparable friend of Asterix, he spends most of his time cutting and delivering menhirs, to hunt wild boar and to brawl with the Romans or the villagers for doubtful feed matters.
I am not large! (sound very poor)
They are insane these Romans!
© Editions Albert René
Dogmatix (Idéfix) : Puppy of Obelix, Dogmatix is also the mascot of the village. Like Master like dog! Of course he is crazy about brawling with the Romans, he likes abundant food but he is also a guard of the nature, more exactly of the trees.
Obelix adopted him after Dogmatix had discreetly followed them, him and Asterix, during their travel round the Gaule starting from a pork-butchery lutecian.
© Editions Albert René
Getafix (Panoramix) : Druide of the village, Getafix prepares the magic potion necessary so that the village can survive. He also brings his wisdom to the other Gallics who are deprived.
© Editions Albert René
Vitalstatix (Abraracourcix): Head of the village and husband of Bonemine, he moves on a Arverne shield (see the album with the same title) that has belonged to Vercingetorix, carried by two Gallics. Abraracourcix has only one fear: it is that the sky falls on his head.
© Editions Albert René
Cacofonix (Assurancetourix) : Village bard having very disputed talents and whose song disturb the climatic conditions, Cacofonix occupies the hut perched in the top of a tree. With the banquet that marks the happy outcome of an adventure, he is seldom present but he always has the annoying idea to start singing.
© Editions Albert René
Fulliautomatix (Cétautomatix) : Blacksmith of the village, Fulliautomatix is not in friendly terms with with his neighbors. The heavy hammer of his forging mill enables him to convince Cacofonix to keep silent almost all the time.
© Editions Albert René
Unhygienix (Ordralfabétix) : Fish saler whose quality is often a matter of opinion, Unhygienix does not fish himself his goods but he buys them to the best wholesalers of Lutecia. His problems with Fulliautomati often are the cause of collective brawls.
© Editions Albert René
Geriatix (Agecanonix) : Although senior of the village with his 93 years, Geriatix proves to be a gay dog, solid drinker and womanizer, even if he is married with one of the most beautiful women of the village.
The pirates
© Editions Albert René
The pirates : The pirates are always unlucky to be on the road of Asterix and Obelix, for the great happiness of the two Gallics. These sailors often lose their boat during battles and thus tried their chance with ground...

© Editions Albert René

The Beatles: English barbs
Guy Lux: Presenter at the Maxime Circus
Charles Laughton: Roman governor
Eddy Merx: Belgian messenger
Jean Richard: Coach
Jacques Chirac: Roman businessman
Sean Connery: Druide spy
Laurel and Hardy: Roman legionaries
Uderzo and Goscinny: Two Romans (Uderzo speaks to the prefect, Goscinny is the Roman delighted in the bottom right)
Anny Cordy: Woman at the head of a Belgian village
Dupond and Dupont: Belgians
Douglas Kirk: Mutineer Greek
The creature of Frankenstein: Pirate
Pierre Tchernia: Roman General
Jean Gabin: Ponce Pilate
Bertrand Blier: Head of the secret service of Ceasar

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