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Tintin and Milou appeared for the first time in le Petit Vingtième, supplement of the Belgian newspaper le Vingtième Siècle. They were created by George Remi, who signs his drawings Hergé [As a pen-name and with the letters RG]. The first album of Tintin, Tintin in USSR, appeared in 1930.
On September 26, 1946 appeared the first copy of The Tintin weekly magazine. The magazine disappeared in 1988. Tintin was adapted for the screen twice: in 1960, Tintin and the mystery of the "Golden Fleece" and in 1964, Tintin and the blue oranges.
On September 1976 a bronze statue of Tintin and Milou is inaugurated in Brussels. Three years after the death of Hergé, appeared the last unfinished adventures of Tintin, Tintin and Alpha-Art.


The French names are between brackets.

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Tintin: The main character of the series is always called by this name. " Tintin " seems to be his surname, because it is never question of a first name. Moreover it sounds like he has no family and it is quite difficult to determine how old he is. Although he has his trade to defer, he never exerts it, except in Tintin in USSR, in which he writes a report for Le Petit Vingtième.
Tintin is a perfect human being: called "Pure Heart" by the Tibetans monks, he always stands up for the weak and does not hesitate to risk his life to save someone else. He is incorruptible, always ready to forgive, never flies off the handle, does not drink and does not smoke.In spite of this he is a real Sherlock Homes. He always finds the answer to the riddle. He is a good shot, a rider, a driver of every kind of vehicles, a reader...
Captain Haddock
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The Captain Haddock (Le Capitaine Haddock) : Descending from the knight François de Hadoque, Archibald Haddock is a great seafaring man. During 20 years, he navigated by the side of the Chester captain and ended his career on the ship Karaboudjan where he became acquainted with Tintin.
Large whisky drinker and alcohol lover more particularly, the captain often smokes the pipe. Unlike Tintin, he gets mad easily and he is subject to terrible fits of anger. The array of insults of Haddock is extremely rich.
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Snowy (Milou) : Since the first adventure, this small rock-feller is the companion of Tintin. Snowy is very special: stay-at-home, superstitious... However, he is often willing to help his Master.
Just like the captain, he has a weakness for the Loch Lomond whisky. Not only that, he often hesitates between the good and the evil. Generally his guilty conscience is right.
Cuthbert Calculus
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Cuthbert Calculus (Tryphon Tournesol) : This great scientist is often not paying attention and somewhat deaf... He met Tintin (and Snowy!) when they search the treasure of Rackham the Red. Calculus is interested in several sciences such chemistry, physics, electronics and horticulture, but especially the dowsing. Of course, he never leaves his pendulum, affirming inlassablement "more in the West".
The professor is also the bachelor who made Laszlo Carredas laughing. He is also a great sportsman, or at least he wishes.
Thomson and Thompson
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Thomson and Thompson (Dupond et Dupont) : The explanation of their extraordinary lookalike is still unknown. I would say even more: it is not known. They do not have any family tie while they have the same name... Only one detail makes it possible to differentiate them : their moustaches.
Thomson and Thompson are 2 police officers whose capacity to solve investigations still remains to be seen. They are so silly that they returned from there to follow their own traces. Not only that, they use a vocabulary that deseves to be appreciated properly: " motus and stops bent " (such is their aphorism) or " it is my opinion and I share it. "
Thomson and Thompson became Masters in the art of the cautious investigations and incognito. In particular their choice of costumes is often wise...
As regards of cautiousness here is a good example:
"One of our friends, a young man named Tintin, suspects you of delivering drugs".
- Is this exact, Mr Salad ?..." (Interview of Omar Ben Salaad in The Crab with the Golden Claws)
Bianca Castafiore
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Bianca Castafiore : "the Milanese nightingale" is a professional singer in The Scala of Milan. Her stock musical pieces seems to be restricted to the only Air of the Jewels of Faust. Bianca Castafiore particularly appreciates the Haddock captain, although she never pronounces properly his name. This love does not seem to be shared.
Unlike the captain, professor Tournesol is charmed by the professional singer and her very emotive character.
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Nestor : Before serving the Haddock captain, Nestor was the servant of Loiseau. He is very skilled as an employee (in particular at the time of the continuations between Milou and the cat of the castle.)
Just like the captain and Milou, he is great Loch Lomond whisky lover.
Alcazar and Jolyn Wagg
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Alcazar : The General, great amateur of cigars, is a significant political character of San Thedeoros. He became acquainted with Tintin when he came into power for the first time. He promoted the young person in order to defer Colonel aide-de-camp.
One found it later like knives-launcher in the 7 crystal balls and in Tintin and the Picaros in which the General tries to come into power again.

Jolyn Wagg (Séraphin Lampion) : This merry character is an agent of the Mondass insurances, chairman of the "Wheel-Club" and rallies the " Merry Turlurons ".
Roberto Rastapopoulos
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Roberto Rastapopoulos : This billionaire is Tintin's worst ennemy. It is acknowledged that he became wealthy thanks to the film industry (He directed the movie Cosmos Pictures) but especially to the organized crime. He delivered in particular traffic narcotics and slaves (under the pseudonym " Marquis di Gorgonzola ").
Moreover, he tried to seize the Carreidas'fortune. This action was his last since he disappeared on board of a flying saucer.

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